2015 News Releases

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Mark Abbott

JUNE 30, 2015

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Names Mark Abbott President and Director

Mark Abbott has been named WHOI's tenth president and director. Abbott will assume the office October 1, 2015, succeeding Susan Avery, who served from 2008 to 2015.

JUNE 25, 2015

Camera's Eye Sees Large Numbers of Young Scallops Off Delaware Bay

NOAA researchers and colleagues from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have reported what appears to be a banner year for young sea scallops off the Delmarva Peninsula in mid-Atlantic waters of the U.S.

JUNE 24, 2015

Anna Michel Receives Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowship

Anna Michel, an assistant scientist in the Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), was chosen by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to receive a 2015 Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowship.

map of area off New Jersey

JUNE 11, 2015

Accelerated Warming of the Continental Shelf Off Northeast Coast

Water temperatures along the continental shelf off New Jersey have experienced unprecedented warming over the last 13 years.


JUNE 8, 2015

Making Organic Molecules in Hydrothermal Vents in the Absence of Life

A new study is the first to show that methane formation does not occur during the relatively quick fluid circulation process.—

JUNE 5, 2015

Diverse Corals Persist, But Bioerosion Escalates in Palau's Low-pH Waters

As the ocean absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) released by the burning of fossil fuels, its chemistry is changing, lowering its pH in a process known as ocean acidification. This process also removes carbonate ions, an essential ingredient needed by corals and other organisms to build their skeletons and shells.


cap and gown

JUNE 4, 2015

Dr. John Holdren to Give 2015 Joint Program Commencement Address

Dr. John Holdren, President Obama’s science advisor, will present the commencement address at this year’s graduation ceremonies of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science and Engineering.

streams from helicopter

JUNE 3, 2015

Sudden Draining of Glacial Lakes Explained

Scientists have found a surprising mechanism that triggers the abrupt draining of glacial lakes atop the Greenland Ice Sheet.

MAY 26, 2015

Deep Sea Explorations Come to Life in Extraordinary New Book

WHOI scientists Daniel Fornari and Timothy Shank and their colleagues Jeff Karson (Syracuse Univ.), Deborah Kelley (U. Washington) and Michael Perfit (U. Florida) bring their deep-sea explorations to the public with an extraordinary new book, “Discovering the Deep: A Photographic Atlas of the Sea-Floor and Ocean Crust. 

MAY 18, 2015

WHOI Scientist Hyodae Seo Receives 2015 Young Investigator Award

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has selected Hyodae Seo, an associate scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), to receive a 2015 Young Investigator Award from the U.S. Navy.

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